Would it not be great if you knew exactly who your best customer group is and thus could target you to this group? With Leadzone as a partner it is possible to segment your customer portfolio with the help of customer analytics so that you can answer this.

By analyzing your customer data, we can give you a very accurate insight into which of your customers are the most profitable. And not only can we give you the insight – we can give it “live” via our dashboard. This way, you always have your finger on the pulse of your current target groups and you can follow what specific efforts do in the target group’s composition.

Data is constantly moving, so it is important that you have a feeling of how your customer data is evolving. We can do this through single or continuous profile analyzes. The purpose of the analysis is to make the most and the least profitable target groups visible, including changes since the last analysis and actual explanations and / or recommendations.

When conducting a target segmentation, we look at the customer’s
Address Data
Customer Lifetime Value
Personal Profiles

Churn prediction

At Leadzone, we believe that retaining customers is much cheaper and worth more than getting new ones. That is why we help companies in many different industries on a daily basis to identify the customers who are on the way away. It is also called churn prediction and should be an important part of your business strategy.

Many subscription-based companies are losing customers to competitors on a daily basis and are aware that it takes constant work to get new customers into the store. But what if you knew when your customers were leaving?

In collaboration with Leadzone, you can learn when a customer is probably thinking about leaving your business. This way you can counteract the churn or drop-off of customers by influencing them, for example, through calls, mail or SMS and make sure they remember why they chose to become a customer with you in their time.

Just by using the data we can collect for you, we can help you get an overview of which customers you should follow up before moving on. We can provide you with a live analysis of the type of customers leaving your business and whether they are customers it might be worth investing in getting back. At the same time, you also gain insight into whether there are target groups for which resources cannot be spent. Our live analysis also gives you insight into customer loyalty, difference in sales channels, which segments are most attractive etc. The analysis can both be made as a standalone snapshot, but we clearly recommend it to be available live so that decisions are not made based on outdated trends.

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