What is a lead and where does it come from?

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In sales context, a lead refers to a potential customer, also known as a “prospect”. A lead is the customer’s information. It can be in many forms, often in the form of name and telephone number or address, but leads can also be found with much more or less information, depending on the needs of the one utilizing the leads. Lead generation is simply about getting prospects for the business, and can be done in many different ways. One could easily gather his own leads leads through contact forms, newsletters, Facebook or Google ads. But one could can also leads from suppliers who collect them from competitions, surveys, etc.

Leads For Telemarketing

Telemarketing is one of the most effective recruitment channels of new customers or members for your business, but it is also one of the most expensive. Therefore, it is of course important that the topics that are contacted are the best as possible.

Most companies that buy leads often get them from several different suppliers. But many are not aware of the value of the leads that they buy. For example, do you know how old the leads you buy are? Or whether they are already in your database? Or if you have bought them several times from different suppliers? Do you know if they are relevant to your product and your message? Do they have to be collected under applicable law?

And why should there be a limit of how many leads you can buy each month?

At Leadzone, we have been working on buying leads right from the start and we don’t think there should be as many pitfalls and limitations when buying leads. That is why we give our customers unlimited access to all the leads available in the market.

Where do our leads come from?

Leadzone generates and compiles its own data, especially from the European market. In addition, we acquire leads from a number of strategic partners. These leads are processed, secured, and stored under safe conditions. We receive lead deliveries continuously 24/7. We can offer these leads to your company in many forms.

We can offer leads designed for different purposes, whether it is newsletters, booking og meetings, or direct sales eg. through telemarketing that is your purpose.

Our leads come in different types and we will be able to quickly identify from the outside of your business which leads that are the right for your purpose

BtC Leads

BtB Leads

Data-enriched leads
(specifically to your wishes)

Cold Leads

Hot Leads

Are you sure you have sufficient permission on the leads that you purchase? Are you up-to-date with European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)?

With Leadzone as a partner, you get access to all the leads available on the market. We can help you buy leads and make sure you only spend money on qualified leads that offer the best chance for a reasonable return.

We also help you receive the leads you collect yourself and investigate whether each lead could be better or less expensive from another channel – live. That way, we can help you select the most profitable lead channels, manage the data streams from the various leads providers, and then deliver data directly into your sales channel, whether it is a telemarketing dialer system, or targeted advertisement. That way  you always have data available as quickly and as fresh as possible.

How well do your leads perform?

At Leadzone we can help you both buy leads and collect all your leads in one database, so you get an overview of them and how they perform. Based on the data we collect for lead tracking, we can calculate a lead score for you, so you can work better with them from a business standpoint. A lead score can tell you how much each lead is worth, giving you a basis for calculating your marketing dollars.

It gives you a customer portfolio that is easier to see and that you know a lot more about than you do today.

What can Leadzone do to help?

With our assistance, you can find new customers similar to the ones you already have. Segments the market by industry, employees, geography and more. You can find contact information on companies and their decision makers and subscribers.

Among other things, we help companies in many different industries

  • Buy leads (from an unlimited amount of leads)
  • Make sure the leads they buy are the most qualified
  • Investigating whether the leads they collect can be obtained cheaper elsewhere
  • Select the most profitable lead channels
  • Deliver validated leads live to telemarketing agency
  • Gather current leads into one database and provide a comprehensive overview via live dashboard
  • Calculate lead score

Billing Methods

Leads can be settled by several methods, depending on which method is agreed upon and are relevant to the collaboration.

Many lead suppliers, including those of fluctuating quality, only offer you bulk-buy, where you have to buy x-number of leads at x-price, without knowing what value you will ultimately get.

LeadZone also offers solutions, where only leads that result in success – a booked meeting, a meeting, or a sale, are settled. This product is offered both in a start-up phase, where you may feel a need to see the results before investing, but can also be offered as a fixed settlement method.

LeadZone Self-service

As you get used to the high quality of leads and find out what it can do for your business, you will feel more and more dependent on this. That’s why we offer our dedicated customers access to the LeadZone Self-service software. A cloud-based solution that gives you access to service yourself. With this software you can buy leads 24/7, based on the preferences you want and set. This service is only offered to dedicated customers, as we need to know your business to ensure that you only receive the best quality data – even if it is through our LeadZone Self-service software.

The process is simple. Get a LeadZone Self-service account, do a targeted search for data, agree to download the list, wait a few minutes and receive your verified lead list directly in your system through secure API, or as a downloadable CSV- or Excel file.

Contact us

Email us at info@leadzone.com

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