As a result of our work, we have a high level of awareness and expertise in current data regulations in several different countries, including the GDPR for the European market. We consult with lawyers on an ongoing basis and keep abreast of what is happening in the market. This also means that in everything we do, we have been able to ensure that all systems comply with the new elements of the GDPR, including “Privacy by design” and “Privacy by default”.

All data is, of course, handled with due regard to the specific GDPR, current legislation and up-to-date security levels. When data is to be exchanged and / or disseminated, SSL, TLS encryption in APIs are widely used on websites, as well as on actual SFTP and FTPS solutions.

For all matters, we work on the basis of concluded data processing agreements to ensure that the data protection law in force at all times is complied with in connection with the transfer and processing of personal data. The data processing agreement sets out the obligations related to the processing and protection of the personal data that we work for our clients, including a clear and unambiguous instruction.

We want to make transparency a key word. We want to be instrumental in ensuring that our clients inform individuals about their rights and our work must be clearly and comprehensively communicated in how personal data is processed.

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Do you have any doubts about your own processes? Leadzone is not only a data center, but also a consulting house. We can thus also offer you sparring if you need updates on regulations. This is where our compliance manager comes into the picture.

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