Correct and valid data today has a lot of great names and “acronyms” – we just call it what it is; “Good data”.

With our data quality solution, through a direct connection (API) to your data, we can continuously update, validate and wash the data that enters the system. So we make sure to maintain and optimize the data quality so that you always have the most up-to-date customer database.

For example, we can help you to

  • Data validate leads you receive or generate through some campaigns
  • Update and continuously maintain older data.
  • Handle return mail to be re-transmitted with correct address.
  • Wash existing customers off via a so-called stop file before sending data to the telemarketing agency. The wash takes place live and data is sent live to the telemarketing agency.

As a start, the entire database should be scrutinized and validated so that all data is properly recorded and the structure of your data is uniform and collected somewhere. Thereafter, the data contained in the database will automatically be updated upon relocation, change of name, number change, etc.

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