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Our drive and ambition

We are driven by a passion for finding the small differences that can make the big difference. That being said, the data our customers work with must be “transparent”, value-adding and immediately self-explanatory.

Data-driven marketing

Taking advantage of the full potential of your customer data and enabling Leadzone to enrich the data, you can effortlessly steer your marketing in the right direction. It is called data-driven marketing and helps you not spend marketing dollars on customers, who are not in your target audience. Data-driven marketing reaches out to those customers, who are most likely to convert and make the most sense to grab because their CLV is higher than other customers. A good example of a place where marketing is not based on data is when a person without children is hit by children clothing advertisements or a person without a drivers license is hit by a car advertisement.

We can easily tell ourselves that it does not make sense to spend your budget that way, but are you sure that you always hit the best customers?

Let’s enrich your data so you can get much more out of it.

In sales context, a lead refers to a potential customer, also known as a “prospect”. A lead is the customer’s information. It can be in many forms, often in the form of name and telephone number or address, but leads can also be found with much more or less information, depending on the needs of the one utilizing the leads. Lead generation is simply about getting prospects for the business, and can be done in many different ways. One could easily gather his own leads leads through contact forms, newsletters, Facebook or Google ads. But one could can also leads from suppliers who collect them from competitions, surveys, etc.

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